Koustogerako is a small mountainous village in the south of Chania, 10km from the coastal Sougia. The landscape is typical of the region: mountainous, with high mountains and deep gorges. The slopes are overgrown with pines and cypresses. Shortly before Koustogerako is located the monument with the names of those who had been executed by the Nazis in the Second World War.

Koustogerako, though small, has taken part in the greatest fights for freedom. Refers to manuscripts of 800 years as Christ Hawk and came from here Kantanoleon George (or George Gadanoleos – Lysogiorgis), leader of the revolution against the Venetians in 1527.

All the conquerors of Crete had tried to destroy Koustogerako: The Venetians had burned it twice, as the Turks after 1821, but also the Germans on 1st September 1943, who had executed the residents of three neighboring villages: Koustogerako, Livadas and Moni.

In Koustogerako, there is only one cafe for a quick stop.

Three kilometers after Koustogerako there is an alley leading to the church of St. Catherine, built after the Second World War by Cretan rebels. On 25th of November of each year there takes place the festival of St. Catherine.

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