Orthi Ammos

Big dunes border the beach Orthi Ammos, with shallow waters next to the crowded Fragokastello, 80km south of Chania.

From the road, in order to reach the sea of Orthi Ammos, you should go down the sandy slope by a short path. The clear blue waters, the dunes and the rocks make the landscape unique.

The beach of Orthi Ammos is not organized, but it is quiet and secluded and the eastern edge is ideal for nudism. Remember that Orthi Ammos is just one kilometer away from Fragokastello and is exposed to south winds.

The legend has it, that it was sand from the beach of Orthi Ammos that stood up and covered the unburied bodies of Drosoulites, Greek warriors who were killed on 17 May 1828 at the Battle of Frangokastello, creating one of the most famous legends of Crete.


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