Paleloni is a village in the northeastern edge of the prefecture of Chania. It is one of the mountainous villages that belong to Vamos and it is built at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. The resort village of Kefalas, with a variety of tourist facilities and accommodations, as well as other smaller villages, like Xirosterni, Litsarda and Sellia, are located around Paleloni.

All houses are made of stone and traditionally built, with cobblestoned villages between them and very tall as well as blossomed eucalyptus trees that characterize the village. The place is quiet and surrounded by the nature and greenery. The scenery charms and captivates every visitor. At Paleloni there are available rooms to rent and at the traditional coffee shop of the village where you can enjoy your coffee. However, apart from that no other tourist activities are available.

From some neighborhoods of the village, you can enjoy the view of the sea. However, the most beautiful view is towards the mountains of Crete.

Paleloni has approximately 40 residents.

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