Pirgos is located on the northwestern side of Gavdos, six kilometers away from the port of Karave, where you will find two lovely sandy beaches located side by side.

Both beaches of Pirgos are secluded and that is why the campers who want peace and quiet prefer them.

The beaches of Pirgos are almost hidden in the heart of a large bay with sand dunes and cedars, protected by steep cliffs all around. The easiest way to reach this uniquely rugged landscape with the emerald waters is by boat.

If you do not use a boat, you have to walk. The path starts from Ampelos and you will need about two and a half hours to cross it.

Although it is quite rough, those who are determined to camp among the cedars of Pirgos prefer it.

If you cannot walk so much you can get close to Pirgos by a rough dirt road and then continue on foot. Make sure the vehicle is suitable to withstand the rough road!

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