Plain of Apokoronos

The Plain of Apokoronos is one of the most fertile and green areas of the prefecture of Chania. In this, you will not find only fertile lands, but also picturesque villages, beaches, monuments, museums and traditional oil-presses.

In the fertile soil of the Plain of Apokoronos are cultivated vines, olive trees, cereals, citrus fruits and vegetables, which are the main products of the island.

Seat of the homonymous municipality, in the Plain of Apokoronos is situated the village Vrises and, by staying there, you can browse and explore the entire area. Vrises are built at the foot of the White Mountains (Madares) and 32km from Chania and 26 km from Rethymno. Of course, the main occupation of about 800 inhabitants is agriculture and husbandry.

The Plain of Apokoronos is crossed by three rivers, Mpoutakas, Vrissianos and Farmakera. In Vrissianos River, you will see a bridge of the Greco-Roman period.

Take a walk in the Plain of Apokoronos and it is sure that you will have the opportunity to experience the real Crete and the gifts that have been given to the island by nature.

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