Plain of Kasteli

The Plain of Kasteli is one of the plains of Chania, located in the northwest of the county, in Kissamos. It is one of the areas that have fertile soil and is planted with vines, olive trees, cereals, citrus fruits and vegetables, which are the main products of the island. The olives of the region produce the fine Cretan olive oil, from the vineyards the famous wine is produced, as well as tropical fruits such as bananas, avocados, kiwi etc.

Because of the favorable climate of the island, the intensive agriculture and the crops in greenhouses of the Plain of Kasteli are highly efficient and supply with agricultural products not only Crete, but the entire Greece.

Kissamos (Kasteli) is the town that is built in the middle of the fertile Plain of Kasteli. It is a modern seaside town and its economy is based mainly on agriculture products and tourism.

The port of Kissamos on the edge of the Plain of Kasteli is the link between Crete and Kythera and Peloponnese and from there depart the boats to the island of Gramvousa and the lagoon of Balos.

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