Platanos is the largest village of Kissamos in Chania and is characterized by abundant waters and the large tree in the old square, from which it is said that it took its name. It is located 10 kilometers southwest of Kastelli.

It has all the infrastructure and services to serve locals and visitors, while Platanos is a small intersection, since from there the roads start to neighboring villages and there you will find the only petrol station in the area.

At a distance of nine kilometers northwest of Platanos or 16 km from Kissamos, is the settlement of Falasarna, the westernmost village in Crete, next to the beautiful beach.

Platanos has about 1,000 residents, most of which deal with the land and the olive. Endless vineyards surround the village. The Olive Oil Co Platanos is renowned for the high quality oil that produces, which is also called «Falasarni».

The ancient Falasarna was the port of ancient Polirinia, which took its name from the nymph Falasarni who lived in the area.

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