The village Plokamiana is a very small settlement in the prefecture of Chania, with about 25 residents, built at an altitude of 230 meters.

One finds Plokamiana on the road from Chania to Elafonisi, just before the gorge that leads to the sea of Stomio, there ended the centenarian olive and walnut trees.

Plokamiana is located in the eastern part of the county, at a distance of 66 kilometers southwest of the city of Chania.

Close to Plokamiana are the villages of Kissamos Vathi and the settlement Chrysoskalitissa, where lies the monastery, famous in Crete for the legend with the golden stair viewing only by sinless.

The area has many springs, arising from the surrounding mountains, while the “Cold Fountain” is the most famous fountain in the village, since for decades the residents took from there the water they needed.

Even now, when the need arises Chania supplied water from the sources of Plokamiana.

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