Rokka is a hilly village of Kissamos in Chania, which was built partly on the relics of an ancient city on the southern slope of a spectacular high cliff, which dominates in the area. Located at an altitude of 210 meters and it is 15 km from Kastelli and 35km from Chania.

On the outskirts of the hill Trouli, which is now declared as an archaeological site, are distinguished relics of ancient Rokka, i.e. houses carved in limestone, hewn cisterns, stairways, streets, square and pipes for rainwater collection.

The ancient city of Rokka does not among in the autonomous Cretan cities but it was a likely dependent administrative settlement from the strong neighboring Polirrinia. The finds date from the late 4th century BC, until the first half of the 2nd century BC.

Near Rokka, is situated the gorge of Rokka with a length of two kilometers. It starts near the village Deliana and ends at Rokka. If you want to cross is recommended to do in the summer when the water in the gorge is scarce, since there is no path and the traverse occurs through the river.

Along the gorge, there are many trees that give their dew, while in some places the vertical walls rise dramatically, making the path to Rokka majestic.

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