Sempronas is a mountainous village of Platanias, 34 km from the city of Chania. In the neighborhoods that are scattered on a small natural plateau, there are almost 130 residents living permanently.

It is a beautiful village with more than 80 natural springs, whose waters irrigate the area, which is green, and end up in the river Semproniotis. The most important of these sources is in Kambi of Sempronas, a location of uncomparable natural beauty, with crystal clear waters and ancient plane trees. This river is full of vegetation and water during the summer season and trouts and eels swim in its waters.

At Sempronas, there are three large churches, but the central church is the one dedicated to St. George and was built in 1910.

At Sempronas, in the neighborhood of Seli, there are cafes and restaurants available for visitors.

The inhabitants are mainly occupied in agriculture and animal husbandry. Thus, depending on the season, visitors can find chestnuts, dairy products, olive oil, wine, honey, olives and apples of excellent quality.

A dirt road that starts from Sempronas can lead youto the neighboring villages of Old Roumata and Voukolies.

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