Zourva is a small mountainous village at the municipality of Platanias, built at an altitude of 548 meters. It is located 22 kilometers from the city of Chania and its permanent population is approximately 50 residents.

The houses of the small village are built amidst the nature and the greenery, with traditional style. Is way, they maintain the purity and the authenticity of the village, which is one of the most worth visiting ones in Chania.

At Zourva, as you head towards the settlement of Laggos, you will find the entrance to the Gorge of Laggos, which leads to the neighboring village Meskla.

At Zourva you will find an excellent tavern with traditional dishes. Although the village is famous for its many hiking paths in nature and for the beautiful gorge, if you are not fond of hiking, you can go up this mountainous village to enjoy the beauty of the nature and taste the local flavors.

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