Meskla is a village located 21 km from Chania and in this there are of around 400 residents. It is built at an altitude of 200 meters in the hills in the valley of the river Keritis and behind it towering the White Mountains. Meskla is located near the exit of the gorge Laggos that his name means valley.

Gorge Laggos starting from the neighboring village Zourva is formed by the union of two canyons that are higher than that, Tromarissas and of the gorge Pigaidaki.

Laggos is a truly beautiful and untouched gorge and its traverse requires knowledge of rappelling.

The gorge of Laggos in Meskla is a very good choice for beginners and young at rappelling with the method of rappel (descent with ropes). It is not very closed but this does not prevent it creating some very beautiful narrowing that makes it impressive. Water at its waterfalls has only the winter months after rainy days.

The descent takes about three hours. In its exit in Meskla, in the west bank creates a huge rock about 40 meters high as suspended, in the highest part of which there is a rock shelter. This rock is called “The Tsouni of Melissa”.

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