Agia Paraskevi in Sgourades

Agia Paraskevi in Sgourades, one of the monasteries of Corfu, began as a chapel which during the 19th century belonged to 22 founders. It is located in Sgourades, at a distance of 26 kilometers in the northeast of the city of Corfu. A verdant olive grove surrounds the monastery, thus creating a beautiful landscape.

In 1883, Agia Paraskevi in Sgourades was granted to two nuns, one of who, Theodossia Sgourou, was the first Mother Superior of the hermitage.

The current Sanctuary of Agia Paraskevi in Sgourades has an elaborate icon screen made of marble which was constructed in 1906.

In Agia Paraskevi in Sgourades parts of holy relics of many saints of the Church are saved, while the Monastery celebrates on the 26th of July, in the memory of Agia Paraskevi.

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