Arkadades is a small, semi-mountainous village at a distance of 24 kilometers from the city of Corfu, in an amazing countryside filled with cypress trees and olive groves where, tourism has not affected the traditional way of life of the inhabitants.

Arkadades is a very old village which is mentioned in scriptures dating back to 1346. In the alleys of the village there are still some imposing mansions with impressive entrance gates, many auxiliary buildings, yards and oil presses.

There are two versions concerning the name given to the village. The first claims that its first inhabitants where immigrants from Arkadia but, this version is only preserved orally. According to another version, its inhabitants come from the race of Alkades, an Albanian race which migrated to the region and after many variations concluded to the name Arkadades.

Nowadays, Arkadades includes many neighborhoods which are named after the families who live there such as Korikatika, Michalatika, Papagiorgatika etc. Most of the inhabitants of the village are pensioners and those who are still active are occupied with the cultivation of olives. Today in Arkadades operate two modern oil presses which also serve the surrounding villages.

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