Astronomical Society of Corfu

The Astronomical Society of Corfu is the first astronomic society established in Greece, on the 13th of February 1927 with the name « Astronomical Society of Greece». In 1924 an Observatory had already been constructed on the hill of Kogevinas, 1 kilometer away from the center of the city by the French Felix Lamez who began from there, the cartography of the Moon, a pioneer project for its time. The work of the Society was officially recognized by the State with the award by the Academy of Athens in 1932.

Today the Astronomical Society of Corfu counts more than 200 members and presents intense activity while performing informative, educational and cultural work through weekly lectures on Astronomy and Science subjects, regular observations of the sky with telescopes for students and the public of Corfu and multiple events motivated by the respective astronomical phenomena. The Astronomical Society of Corfu is housed on the 2nd floor of the Municipal Theater in the center of the city.

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