Barbati beach

Barbati beach is an ideal choice for those who do not favor sand. It is covered with tiny, white, round pebbles in and out of the water and it is quite long, measuring approximately 1,5 kilometer. Barbati beach has been awarded with the Blue Flag for the cleanliness of its waters which are cooled and renewed by the current of the northern strait between Corfu and Albania.

It is an idyllic beach at the foot of the highest mountain in Corfu, Pantokratoras  with its verdant slopes reflecting upon its deep blue waters.

In Barbati beach you can rent parasols and deck-chairs in front of the numerous beach bars, the taverns and the snack bars which are found by the shore. You can also entertain yourselves with sea sports which are available on the beach. It is also ideal for those who like to fish with a snorkel.

Although there are many shops, Barbati beach remains tranquil, an ideal place where, you can relax and enjoy your swim. In Barbati village, above the beach, you will find touristy lodgings preferred mostly by Italian tourists. You can also find shops and mini markets.

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