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Corfu has so many beaches that even the locals have not visited all of them or they may not even know them. The options are infinite and can cover everyone’s taste. Beaches with sand and beaches with pebbles. Noisy beaches which offer intense entertainment and beaches entirely secluded. Beaches in front of great resorts with every comfort and beaches accessible only by sea.

The northern shores of the island are characterized by large, sandy beaches stretching for many kilometers with shallow and warm waters. Most of these are situated in front of very developed resorts. Acharavi beach, Sidari beach  and Roda beach  are some of these. This is where, you will find one of the most famous beaches of the island, the Channel of Love. On the contrary, the beaches in the region of Palaiokastritsa  in the north-west are characterized by the more rocky shores, the dense vegetation and the turquoise, very cold waters. Here you will find the heavenly beaches of Agia Triada, Rovinia and Liapades.

The south-western shore is suitable for those who love the sand and shallow waters. In its first part you will find the most popular beaches of the island, Glyfada, Kontogialos and Ai Gordis  while, as you move towards the south you must not miss the opportunity to swim in the beaches of Issos  and Chalikounas , in front of Lake Korission.

The north-eastern shore is characterized by the multiple bays and beaches with snow-white pebbles, vast, verdant vegetation and the imposing size of Pantokratoras  above the shores. The most popular beaches in this part are Barbati, Nissaki, Kalami and Kerasia.

The south-eastern shore has small beaches in width with shallow waters composed of sand and pebbles and the sea is calm. Such are the beaches Benitses, Moraitika  and Messonghi  which are located in front of the homonymous resorts.

Learn more through the pages of Terrabook, with information and pictures, about all the beaches of Corfu and select the one you prefer.

  • Fieroula

    Fieroula is a small, rocky beach below Pentati village. It is ideal for underwater exploration and fishing.

  • Syki

    Syki is a small, secluded beach between Kassiopi and Acharavi in the north-western shores of the island.

  • Stelari

    Stelari beach is an idyllic, heavenly beach on the western coast of Corfu, accessible only by sea.

  • Skidi

    Skidi beach is a small, totally unorganized beach which provides tranquility and relaxation in order to enjoy your swim.

  • Rovinia

    Rovinia is one of the most beautiful beaches in all Greece. It is isolated on an idyllic environment with many trees and deep blue waters.

  • Prasoudi

    Prasoudi is a small and tranquil beach covered with sand, near the village of Agios Matheos.

  • Porto Timoni

    In Porto Timoni you will enjoy two different beaches in one, on a beautiful, verdant landscape which, ends up into the sea.

  • Chalikounas beach

    Chalikounas beach is a huge, sandy shore between the sea and Lake Korission on the south-western part of the island.

  • Faliraki beach

    The small Faliraki beach is located just below the old city of Corfu with a magnificent view of the Old Fortress of the city.

  • Kavos beach

    Kavos beach is one of the noisiest in the whole island because of the young tourists who flood the region.

  • Ipsos beach

    Ipsos beach facing the homonymous resort is large and offers a great variety of sea sports.

  • Kouloura beach

    Kouloura beach is a small and tranquil beach, facing the picturesque harbor of the village.

  • Ermones beach

    Ermones beach is nestled under verdant cliffs with deep, cold waters and has got an excellent diving center.

  • Sidari beach

    Sidari beach is a large, sandy and fully organized beach. It is located right next to the famous Channel of Love.

  • Nissaki beach

    Snow-white pebbles, turquoise waters and hills full of olive trees which descend all the way down to the sea compose the scenery on Nissaki beach.

  • Kanoni beach

    Kanoni beach is a small beach next to one of the most photographed places in Corfu, the Pontikonisi, where, you can swim peacefully.

  • Kalami beach

    Kalami beach is found on a beautiful, verdant bay on the north-eastern shores of the island.

  • Moraitika beach

    Moraitika beach is one of the most famous in the island with calm, clean and warm waters.

  • Roda beach

    Roda beach in front of the homonymous resort is sandy, long and fully organized.

  • Platakia beach

    Platakia beach is a small, tranquil beach on the cosmopolitan resort of Palaiokastritsa.

  • Pipitos beach

    Pipitos beach is the most beautiful beach in Kassiopi with its turquoise waters washing its wild rocks on both sides of the beach.

  • Petritis beach

    Petritis beach is small and tranquil and is located right next to the small port of the settlement on the southern coast of the island.

  • Paramonas beach

    Paramonas beach is a tranquil beach with sand, on the western shores of the island, below the village Agios Matheos.

  • Palaiokastritsa beach

    Palaiokastritsa beach is famous for its overwhelmingly cold, turquoise waters. It is fully organized and has been awarded with the Blue Flag.

  • Molos beach

    Molos beach in Lefkimmi begins from the west of the port of the city and is covered with fine sand and pebbles.

  • Boukaris beach

    Boukari beach is a tranquil beach with sand and pebbles on the northern part of the island in front of the homonymous fishing village.

  • Benitses beach

    Benitses beach, in front of the famous resort has probably got the cleanest waters because of the Posidonia plant which grows in abundance in its waters.

  • Bataria beach

    The impressive Bataria beach with its turquoise waters and shiny pebbles is situated in the village of Kassiopi.

  • Barbati beach

    Barbati beach, at the foot of Pantokratoras Mountain, is covered with tiny, white and round pebbles.

  • Mon Repos beach

    Mon Repos beach is situated in the city and it is preferred by the elderly and by students who wish to take a quick dip.

  • Messonghi beach

    In Messonghi beach, in front of the homonymous resort, the Messonghi river flows, creating a beautiful verdant bank.

  • Marathias beach

    Marathias beach is a very vast, sandy beach with crystal waters on the southern part of the island.

  • Liapades beach

    Liapades beach is situated approximately 2 kilometers away from the homonymous village near Palaiokastritsa. It has got many trees and turquoise waters.

  • Kontokali beach

    Kontokali beach is situated very close to the city of Corfu, it is fully organized and it has been awarded with the Blue Flag.

  • Kontogialos beach

    Kontogialos beach with its golden sand is one of the most popular and most visited beaches in the whole island.

  • Kanoni beach in Kassiopi

    Very special and relatively secluded, Kanoni beach in Kassiopi offers smooth rocks and a small sandy part above deep blue waters.

  • Kaminaki beach

    A beautiful beach, known to a few therefore very tranquil, Kaminaki beach enchants with its turquoise waters.

  • Imerolia beach

    Imerolia beach is a narrow beach with sand, very close to Kassiopi.

  • Dassia beach

    Dassia beach is one of the most organized beaches of the island as the region is one of the first with tourism on the island.

  • Gouvia beach

    Gouvia beach is a sandy beach, fully organized which offers the possibility to engage in sea sports, diving and excursions by boat.

  • Glyfada beach

    Glyfada beach is the most popular beach of the island. Verdant hills rise above the golden, sandy beach and reflect on its tranquil waters.

  • Gardenos beach

    Gardenos beach is an organized, golden, sandy shore near Vitalades village in southern Corfu.

  • Acharavi beach

    Acharavi beach is a huge sandy beach with shallow waters, facing the homonymous resort on the northern complex of the island.

  • Astrakeri beach

    Astrakeri beach is a tranquil, small and sandy bay on the northern coast of the island.

  • Arillas beach

    Arillas beach is known for its shallow waters and its wonderful view of the sunset.

  • Alypa beach

    Alypa beach is a small beach in Palaiokastritsa, in the interior of the marina of the region with clean, turquoise waters.

  • Alykes beach

    Alykes beach in the area of Lefkimmi is a pure beach where, once operated the salt-mines of the region.

  • Ai Gordis beach

    Ai Gordis beach is one of the most famous. Deep blue waters, a huge, sandy shore and a verdant landscape synthesize a beautiful environment.

  • Agios Stefanos Sinion beach

    Small, organized with pebbles and lots of trees, Agios Stefanos Sinion beach attracts tourists who stay in the villas they rent in the region.

  • Agios Stefanos Avlioton beach

    Agios Stefanos Avlioton is a huge, sandy beach overlooking the Diapontia Islands and it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Corfu.

  • Agios Spyridonas beach

    Agios Spyridonas beach is a peaceful, sandy shore with crystal clear waters, near Antinioti Lagoon on the north-western part of the island.

  • Agios Ioannis Peristeron beach

    Agios Ioannis Peristeron is a large and organized beach in many sections and is preferred mainly by those who stay in the nearby hotels.

  • Agios Georgios beach of Pagon

    Agios Georgios beach of Pagon is considered one of the most beautiful in the island. It is characterized by its fresh waters and vast, sandy shore.

  • Agios Georgios beach Argirades

    Agios Georgios beach Argirades in the south is characterized by its shallow waters.

  • Agia Varvara beach

    Agia Varvara beach is a very large, sandy beach near Perivoli village in southern Corfu. It is also called Malta beach.

  • Agia Triada beach

    Agia Triada beach is a heavenly landscape in the area of Palaiokastritsa, on a natural and verdant environment with turquoise waters.

  • Myrtiotissa

    Myrtiotissa, a beach with unique beauty on the western part of the island, is unofficially the only nudist beach on the island.

  • Bouka

    Bouka is a beach near the city of Lefkimmi situated on the spot where the homonymous river of the region flows into the sea.

  • Megali Lakka

    Megali Lakka is an isolated beach with golden sand and it is accessible only on foot from the nearby beach of Gardenos.

  • Logga

    Steep, vertical, sedimentary cliffs end up on the narrow beach Logga, the most romantic beach where, you can enjoy the sunset.

  • Liniodoros

    Liniodoros beach is a heavenly beach, accessible only by sea near the village Liapades.

  • Limni

    Limni is one of the most beautiful, isolated beaches of Corfu, below the village of Liapades. It is mainly accessible by sea.

  • Krouzeri

    Krouzeri is a mesmerizing beach with white pebbles, turquoise waters with a lovely verdant landscape surrounding it.

  • Kerasia

    Kerasia is situated in one of the most idyllic locations of the island. It is a beautiful beach with pebbles and luxuriant vegetation.

  • Kanouli

    Kanouli is a small, isolated and tranquil, sandy beach on the south-western shores of Corfu. It is completely disorganized.

  • Kanoula

    Kanoula is an isolated, large beach, the most southern beach of the island on the Adriatic side.

  • Channel of Love (Canal d’amour)

    The famous Channel of Love is a natural masterpiece near the village of Sidari on the northern coast of the island.

  • Kalamionas

    Kalamionas is the main, large beach in Kassiopi. It is located on the west of the settlement and it is fully organized.

  • Kalamaki

    Kalamaki is a sandy beach with extremely shallow and warm waters, ideal for families with children.

  • Issos

    Issos is probably the most impressive beach of the island with huge dunes, golden sand, a rare cedar forest and Lake Korission on its rear.

  • Drastis

    The peninsula of Drastis is a heavenly location ideal for swimming. It is consisted of small islets scattered in the deep blue, transparent waters.

  • Giali

    Giali is an isolated, idyllic beach near Ermones and Giannades, but accessible only by sea.

  • Gialos

    Gialos is a peaceful, entirely unorganized beach below the village of Karousades in the northern coast of the island.

  • Gialiskari

    Gialiskari is a beautiful, quiet beach on the western shores of the island and its verdant surroundings and pine-trees stretch as far as the sea.

  • Vagionaki

    Vagionaki beach, known only by the residents of the nearby settlements, offers sand with scattered rocks and a small harbor for fishing boats.

  • Avlaki

    Avlaki is a magnificent beach with emerald and deep blue waters. Just behind it is situated the small lake Akoli.

  • Ampelaki

    You can find the oldest diving center of Europe in Ampelaki beach. It is a small and tranquil beach with emerald waters in a verdant landscape.

  • Alonaki

    Alonaki is a small, quiet beach on the northern part of Lake Korission on the south-western shore of the island.

  • Almyros

    Vast, golden sand with shallow waters and a wonderful view of the mountains of Albania is offered to the swimmers in Almyros beach.

  • Ai Gordis of the South

    Ai Gordis of the South is a large, quiet and virgin beach near Lefkimi which offers no tourism infrastructure.

  • Agni

    In Agni beach, most swimmers come by sea, with small boats which dock on the wooden piers of this lovely bay.

  • Agios Petros

    Agios Petros beach is a small, beautiful beach in Palaiokastritsa with turquoise waters.

  • Paradise

    Paradise beach is truly a heavenly beach, secluded and can only be reached by sea.

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