Chlomos is one of the oldest villages in Corfu and one of the most picturesque in the whole island. Some people also call it «Balcony of Corfu» because from there, at an altitude of 270 meters, you can enjoy a wonderful view, both towards the southern part of the island, as well as towards the eastern coastline of Corfu.

Chlomos was built approximately during the 13th century and it has special architecture. Its houses are built around the main square and not along some main road. Most of them are of Venetian architecture and they are painted with red and orange colors, offering the village a special, traditional image. If you stroll around its cobblestoned alleys you will discover many old mansions, one of which belonged to the Despot of Morias, Thomas Palaiologos, the brother of the Emperor Konstantinos Palaiologos. This mansion dates back to the 15th century.

Climbing towards Chlomos, you will have the opportunity to admire from high above, Lake Korission which stretches at an area of 6.000 acres and is one of the most significant wetlands of the island. You can also admire the wonderful cedar forest  of Issos.

According to tradition, the name Chlomos (pale) came from the look of the inhabitants who were pale because the region was ravaged by malaria in the beginning of the 19th century.

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