Lake Korission

Lake Korission is the largest lake of the island and the most significant wetland situated in the southern part of the island, near the village of Argyrades. A narrow strip of land separates Lake Korission from the Ionian Sea, thus creating two amazing sandy beaches, Chalikounas  and Issos. The region is protected by the Natura treaty and covers an area of about 6.000 acres and besides Lake Korission, it includes the coastal regions, a unique cedar forest  in the area, as well as a large number of sand dunes, their height surpassing 15 meters. The small reed beds and tamarisk trees, white lilies and 14 different species of orchid in the sand complete the beautiful image of the lagoon.

Lake Korission is a gathering place for 126 species of birds, including among others cormorants, Eurasian widgeons, Great White Egrets, flamingos, ducks and thousands of butterflies.

By following the signs for Chalikounas beach and continuing along the coast, the road will lead you to a small house. That is where, the fishing facilities are found where, some fishermen live who, fish every day with their koritos, characteristic boats. In the southern part of Chalikounas beach is the place where, Lake Korission is united with the sea by a narrow, water channel. A small, wooden bridge will lead you into the beautiful forest which has been formed on the sand. After this forest, extends Issos beach, a vast, golden, sandy shore which reaches as far as you can see.

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