Diapolo is one of the islets you will see in the open sea of the beach  of the village Arillas in north-western Corfu. It is the old Gaidouronisi (island of donkeys) which perhaps the elderly still remember because it is the place where even donkeys lived. Today in Diapolo it is possible that you may see wild goats.

A small but, heavenly beach in the south-western part of Diapolo awaits you to enjoy a dip in the clean waters of the Adriatic Sea.

In order to reach Diapolo, you must own a boat or rent one from Arillas beach  – the distance is quite short.

In Diapolo you will even be impressed by the flint rocks that it has and from which according to scientists, the residents of Corfu of the Mesolithic period, used them to construct tools.

If you are in Diapontia Islands, you will find Diapolo on the east of Mathraki.

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