Arillas beach

Arillas beach is known for its shallow waters and its sand, this is why it is preferred by families with children. It is located in front of the settlement Arillas but, it stretches for hundreds of meters both towards the North and the South. At the ends of Arillas beach rise imposing slopes of clay which are used by many people as natural cosmetics covering their face and all their body. Its advantage though is the spectacular view of the sea. It faces the uninhabited islet of Gravia  and far away, Mathraki. It is worthwhile staying at the beach until late in the afternoon in order to admire the unique sunset.

Arillas beach is composed of fine sand and the waters of the sea are very clean. There are parasols and deck-chairs right in front of the seaside shops. Besides swimming you can engage in sea sports and also take tours with a boat on the uninhabited islets in the dual beach Porto Timoni  of Afionas  and on Diapontia Islands.

Arillas beach is 40 kilometers away from the city of Corfu and you can get there by car or by bus (KTEL ) which runs daily.

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