Episkepsi is a large, mountainous village, built amphitheatrically on the slopes of mount Pantokratoras. In Episkepsi you will wonder about through its picturesque alleyways with its steps made of stone and you will see the imposing mansions of the Corfiot countryside. The whole village is surrounded by dense olive forests and offers a beautiful view towards Albania and Roda of the Diapontia Islands.

The name of Episkepsi comes from the Byzantine years and is attributed to the system of the administrative division of that time. Corfu was a «Province», the «Province» was separated into climes and the climes into «Episkepseis».

In Episkepsi a very special custom is revived on Shrove Sunday, «The Dance of the Priests». In the forecourt of the church of Agios Vassilios, the oldest priest leads a slow dance with no musical instruments, followed by other priests and folks. He sings each verse of the chant, and then the rest of the people repeat it. The same custom is also revived on the same day in the villages Nymfes and Klimatia.

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