One of the most organized, touristy resorts of the island is Roda which is built along the homonymous large beach  in the northern shores of Corfu. Roda is an ideal place for vacation because, besides the sea, you can also take trips on the inland where, you can find many small and large traditional villages such as Karousades  and Nymfes.

Roda has developed in the tourism industry and provides all the infrastructures for visitors: hotels, rentable rooms, villas, many restaurants and taverns and of course numerous nightclubs and bars. Besides, Roda is famous for its endless hours of entertainment which it offers.

The organized beach in Roda offers the bathers all the comforts and the possibility to engage in sea sports. It has deep blue waters and a vast, golden, sandy beach where, you can enjoy your swim on an enchanting landscape.

Roda is located among Acharavi  and Sidari which are also large touristy and commercial centers where there are many shops and services (pharmacies, police etc.). Roda is at a distance of about 40 kilometers from the city of Corfu.

In Roda significant archaeological findings have been discovered. Some of these are a temple of the 5th century B.C., an ancient cemetery and the infamous, golden statue of Paris. The findings from the area are exhibited in the archaeological museum of Corfu.

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