Ermones is a small, seaside settlement nestled above a closed cove. Verdant, abrupt hills reach down to the sea and to the small beach of Ermones  which is famous for its deep crystal clear waters.

Ermones is a tranquil resort offering its visitor all the necessities of a pleasant stay: hotels, rentable rooms, restaurants and small bars. Ermones is situated very close to Pelekas , one of the most beautiful villages of Corfu and next to the beautiful beaches of Myrtiotissa  and Glyfada.

Besides its wild beauty, Ermones gathers multiple bathers who are eager to admire the enchanting location. In Ermones also operates a diving  center for explorations in the interesting deep of the surrounding area. You can also rent a boat in order to discover small, hidden coves with deep blue waters.

According to legend Ermones is the place where, Nafsika, daughter of King Alkinoos of the Faiakes, was playing with her maids, when one day she found Odysseus who was shipwrecked on the sandy shore.

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