Folklore Museum of Acharavi

Three centuries of the richest history of Corfu are gathered through objects and photographs in the Folklore Museum of Acharavi which is located in the resort of Acharavi, in the north of the island, across the Roman Baths.

The creation of the Folklore Museum of Acharavi was an inspiration of Mr. Spryros Vlahos and became a reality due to his perpetual effort. The material that adorns the display cases comes primarily from individual donations, while the constructions of the «sets» are equally impressive.

The Folklore Museum of Acharavi is composed of two halls. Documents and photographs from the 19th century, coins, costumes, furniture, tools and traditional workshops, such as the shoemaker’s, the lumberyard, the rooms of the house and many others, are among those that visitors will admire there.

Over the past three centuries which are narrated by the Folklore Museum of Acharavi, various conquerors passed from Corfu which together with the Venetian tradition of centuries and the intense Greek element comprised a unique blend of culture.

In the Folklore Museum of Acharavi also operates an event hall.

Curator of Museum: Vlahos Spyros, tel.:26630 63052, mob.: 6932 255021

Operating hours

Open Daily 10.00 – 19.00, except Sundays

Ticket Prices

Adults: 3.00€

Children (6–17 years old): 1.50€

School visits: 1.00€

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