Gardenos is a small, seaside settlement, below the village of Vitalades in southern Corfu where, in recent years some rentable rooms, restaurants and coffee shops have developed, making it a tranquil, touristy destination.

Besides, Gardenos has a very beautiful beach  with golden sand which is an attraction for the visitors and the locals from the surrounding villages. Both Gardenos and the beach have been named after the homonymous creek, which flows there, creating a beautiful scene in its banks near the shore.

From Gardenos beach, if you walk towards the south, by the shore, you will reach another beautiful beach, entirely secluded, Megali Lakka which is quieter because there are no shops around it.

From Gardenos, you must visit the traditional village Vitalades, with its picturesque alleyways which is «nestled» in a verdant region with olive groves and with paths for nature lovers.

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