Giannades is a large, traditional, mountainous village with distinctive architecture which is a testimony to its long history. Steep lanes, edifices of the 18th century in the colors of ochre and a very old church of the 16th century, Agios Nikolaos, synthesize the scenery of this picturesque village built amongst verdant areas with olive and cypress trees.

The main square in Giannades offers a panoramic view of the prairie of Ropas – an area of 16.000 acres, on the mountain of Pantokratoras  and the mountaintops of Epirus and of Albania. It is there that you can find the traditional coffee shops and the taverns of the village which serve delicious, traditional recipes and baked food. Just below the square is situated the Cultural center where, all the cultural events take place.

At a distance of 3 kilometers from Giannades, in the south, is situated the beautiful beach of Ermones, an enclosed cove which is surrounded by high cliffs. The waters are quite cold but, the swim in this verdant environment is majestic.

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