Gouvia is one of the most developed touristic destinations near the city of Corfu. Every summer thousands of tourists, mostly young of age, select Gouvia because of the numerous possibilities it offers concerning accommodation for all budgets, its many restaurants with greek or international cuisine, its pubs, night clubs, market, pharmacies and in general anything someone might need while on vacation can be found along the two main streets of the residence.

Gouvia offers a fully organized beach with shallow waters, ideal for swimming, watersports and a large, modern marina  used for docking and replenishing boats. Gouvia connects with the city of Corfu by urban bus which runs every half hour from dawn till dusk.

Gouvia built on a natural bay, used to be a fisherman’s village named by the fish govious or gouvious – which is the name for the fish black gobi – which were fished in the area. In 1537, the residence was unsuccessfully besieged by the turkish fleet, commanded by Barbarosa. Two centuries later, after a similar attempt, the Venetians fortified the port and built a dockyard there. The ruins of the Venetian dockyards which were built during the 18th century can be found next to the beach. The only things remaining from the old impressive Venetian edifice where they built their ships, are some arches.

Activities in Gouvia:

  • Horseback riding
  • Boat rentals
  • Diving
  • Watersports

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