Historical Archive of Corfu

One of the greatest, in material, archives in all of Greece is the Historical Archive of Corfu with more than 8.000 meters of shelves, filled with precious documents which reflect the history of the island. The Historical Archive of Corfu sporadically covers the period from 1320 until 1537 and from 1538 until today, and is separated administratively in periods: the Venetian period (1386-1797), the Democratic French (1797-1799), the Ionian Islands State (1800-1807), the Imperial French (1807-1817), the British Protection (1815-1864), 1864 until today. It has valuable collections of administrative, educational, judicial, notarial and ecclesiastical documents, maps and architectural designs and relics.

The Historical Archive of Corfu is established since 1966 in the building of the former English barracks of the Old Fortress  and researchers have access to its entire material. In the same area operate a reading room, a library, a registry office, a paper and parchments maintenance department and a binding department. Cultural events and book publishing on the subject of the Ionian history are also some of the activities of the Historical Archive of Corfu. The offices of the Archive are open to the public from Monday to Friday 8:30-14:30.

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