Kalafationes is a typical, traditional settlement in the central part of the island, 9 kilometers from the city of Corfu. While walking on the paved, traditional, cobbled road in Kalafationes, you will admire the folk architecture of the houses and you will enjoy your coffee in traditional coffee shops.

Kalafationes is situated up on a hill, among a dense olive grove and a virgin forest with chestnut trees where, you can walk or ride across with a bicycle.

In Kalafationes you will find a modern equestrian club where, horseback riding  and therapeutic riding lessons are given. Do not forget to visit inside the village, the tsitsimpyra (ginger beer) factory, the only one which still produces this traditional refreshment, a remnant from the English domination on the island. The owners will offer you a drink and they will explain all you wish to know about its production.

Kalafationes has been historically registered as one of the villages which endured great destruction and looting from the invasion of Barbarossa on the island in 1573. The settlement has traces of habitation since the ancient times.

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