Kanalia is a suburb of the city of Corfu as it is only about 2 kilometers away. Its name comes from a canal (Kanali) which was built during the Venetian occupation and which connected the Chalikiopoulos lagoon  to today’s airport with the Ionian Sea. The canal no longer exists. However, it is mentioned in books of the time and in various manuscripts written by travelers and historians who had visited Corfu between the 12th and the 15th century.

The first settlement was consisted of three communities, Arvanitokanalo which was named by Northern Epirus refugees who resided there and today includes the area around the church of Agios Nikolaos. Secondly the Roman Canal, named after the local Corfiots (Romioi) living there and the third community Agia Eleni, named after the church of Agia Eleni. Today Kanalia embraces the settlements Katakalou, Agia Gourgi and Kallithea.

In Kanalia, residences have been mainly built while in recent years many commercial businesses have flourished along their main roads.

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