Kanoni beach

Kanoni beach is a small beach, not quite bustling and its advantage is that it offers the bathers the opportunity to swim as well as to admire the view of the famous Pontikonisi. It is a beach protected from winds and its waters are always calm. The dense vegetation in all of the peninsula of Kanoni  also surrounds Kanoni beach on which you can sit in deck-chairs and parasols on the sand, or if you prefer, there is also a big platform from where, you can take quick dips into the sea. This beach is preferred mainly by the residents of the nearby hotels and by locals who live there.

Kanoni beach is 2-3 minutes away on foot from the parking lot and maybe you will have to wet your feet while walking between rocks on the shore to get there.

On Kanoni beach there is no possibility to engage in sea sports or renting a boat but, for those who like to fish, an ideal spot is the cliffs which are at a distance of a few meters away from the beach.

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