Kyra Dikia

The island of Kyra Dikia is situated in the western shores of Corfu, approximately in the middle of the island, north of Ai Gordis beach  and at a very close distance from the coast.

Kyra Dikia covers an area of about 500 square meters and it is an abrupt cliff with a flat top where, verdant trees, wild olive trees, cypress trees and lentisks grow, making it exceptionally beautiful.

Only the waters of the shores of the eastern side of Kyra Dikia are sometimes calm. A small pier has been built there so that Corfiots can tie their boats and sloops while visiting Kyra Dikia on the 29th of June and on the 8th of September when the feast of the church takes place at the top of the island.

The Monstery of Theotokos Dikaia, which is now in ruins, offers its name to the island and is revived again twice a year, when it is full of faithful Christians. In the walls of the church, murals of Panagia with baby Jesus are saved as well as the threesome of Panagia – Jesus – Agios Ioannis Prodromos.

The monastery of Kyra Dikia prospered during the 18th century but, later it was abandoned.

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