Lagoon of Chalikiopoulos

The Lagoon of Chalikiopoulos is situated very close to the modern city of Corfu, below Kanoni  and where, the international airport  of the island is located. In its entrance are situated Pontikonisi and the Monastery of Panagia in Vlaherna  which together synthesize one of the most typical landscapes of Corfu.

Besides all the human activity, which largely unfolds around the Lagoon of Chalikiopoulos, it still remains a significant wetland for Corfu (the island of Faiakaes), while it hosts rare species of migratory birds. Especially during the migratory months in the banks of the Lagoon of Chalikiopoulos a significant number of rare avifauna is noticeable, for example the Great White Egret, one of the endangered species.

The Lagoon of Chalikiopoulos covers approximately an area of 2.000 acres while the runway of the airport of Corfu literally passes through it. Furthermore, a narrow footbridge connects both banks, so pedestrians can cross from one side to the other, while admiring the beautiful sunset, Pontikonisi, and the smaller and larger aircraft that land or take off just above their heads!

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