Argyrades is a village with special architectural interest which has been characterized as a traditional settlement. It is a large village built during the period of the Venetian occupation with defensive characteristics: narrow roads and houses built next to each other which are united with internal doors. The characteristics of Argyrades are the so-called «passaezza», the passages above the road which connected houses of relatives. In the cellars you can distinguish small windows and traces of embrasures. Argyrades is also built on a natural fortress among three verdant hills.

Very close to Argyrades is situated the beautiful, sandy beach of Agios Georgios , between the also impressive beaches of Issos  and Marathias. The most significant wetland of Corfu, Lake Korission an area of 6.000 acres, is also situated there. Furthermore, you can visit the nearby seaside settlements of Boukaris  and Petritis  which are known for the fresh fish they serve in their taverns.

Argyrades was named after the great Byzantine family of Argyroi who possessed many properties in north-western Greece and from which descended the Byzantine Emperor Romanos the 3rd, Argyros.

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