Lakes of Gaidarana

The Lakes of Gaidarana in the northern part of Corfu are literally a group of small lakes which are formed among the verdant nature of the island. The area is near the village Gardelades  and near the Monastery of Agios Onoufrios, and it is a large meadow, a plain which is only interrupted by a few low hills and these small lakes.

Rushes and elm trees grow on the banks of the Lakes of Gaidarana while daffodils dominate the landscape. Paths which lead from one small lake to the other in the Monastery of Agios Onoufrios and more to the south, will fascinate the enthusiasts of hiking in the Lakes of Gaidarana.

The region is considered a significant wetland because in the Lakes of Gaidarana animals from the fauna of Corfu and also many species of plants find shelter there. Today it is characterized as a preserved region but, during the past it was a place of agricultural activity, this is why today among the lakes there are farmhouses of the 19th century which are part of the sights of the region.

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