Gardelades is a small, traditional village built on a verdant hill above Liapades beach  in the north-western part of the island. Cobblestoned roads, old houses, mansions with elaborate entrances and a picturesque square, with coffee shops and taverns, are all elements that enchant those who visit Gardelades, away from the crowds of the seaside resorts of the island. The name of the village comes from the Italian “gardel”, which means observatory, probably because of its position on high ground which offers a panoramic view of the plain. The inhabitants in Gardelades are occupied with olive cultivation, growing fruits and vegetables and with viticulture, producing the variety kakotrygis with unique color and flavor.

In Gardelades, it is worthwhile visiting the ruins of the Monastery of Agios Onoufrios  and also, walking to the adjacent wetland where, are located the Lakes of Gaidarana. The village is approximately 18 kilometers away from the city  of Corfu and only 5 kilometers from the cosmopolitan Palaiokastritsa.

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