Lakones is a small but, very picturesque village above Palaiokastritsa . Old, houses made of stone of the 18th and 19th century, are located above and on both sides of the narrow, main road, which crosses the village, synthesizing a charming, traditional scene. Do not be surprised if you see women in traditional costumes, wandering around the village. It is something common in Lakones.

Lakones is built on a verdant slope and offers an impressive view of the coves of Palaiokastritsa which is revealed as you climb towards the village. In the location of Bell Vista, there is an esplanade on the road with coffee shops and restaurants where, you can enjoy and photograph the enchanting landscape.

According to verbal traditions, Lakones were named this way from the first residents of the village, the Michalas family from Oitylo of Mani. It is believed that this family fled its land because of a local feud during the 15th century. Besides, the surname Michalas is used even today in the majority of the inhabitants of the village.

In Lakones there are traditional coffee shops and some hotels but, for more choices concerning your accommodation and your entertainment you must head to Palaiokastritsa which is about 4 kilometers away.

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