The most famous, touristy resort of the island, Palaiokastritsa, enchants the visitor with its indescribable natural beauty. There you will see one of the most impressive landscapes that you will ever witness. Vast verdant landscapes with olive groves and pine trees, which end up to the turquoise waters, an indented coastline and small coves with golden, sandy shores synthesize the scenery in this settlement which is scattered in a large area.

Palaiokastritsa was touristy discovered by English travelers and until 1950 the only edifice, which was there, was the historical Monastery of Palaiokastritsa, located on the hill. It is characteristic that the only road that connected Palaiokastritsa with the city of Corfu  was constructed during the English occupation in the island.

Palaiokastritsa is famous for its magnificent, cold and deep waters which are also crystal clear and clean. The main Palaiokastritsa beach  is organized with parasols and deck-chairs and on it you will find taverns and coffee shops. Besides the large beach in Palaiokastritsa there are also smaller and beautiful coves where, you can swim, such as Alypa , Agia Triada, Agios Petros, Ampelaki  and Platakia. The whole region is famous for its sea bed which attracts divers from all over the world for diving  and underwater explorations.

In Palaiokastritsa there is a variety of lodgings, restaurants, coffee shops and bars, as the region has developed especially in the sector of tourism but, without altering its natural landscape and beauty. In the main road you will also find super markets and other shops where, you will find whatever you may need during your stay there.

Do not forget to:

  • Visit the monastery at the top of the hill which dates back to the 13th century and has a remarkable collection of Byzantine icons and relics.
  • Visit by boat, the numerous sea caves which are located in the rocky coastline of Palaiokastritsa.
  • Visit Aggelokastro, the Byzantine fortress of the 13th century which has been renovated recently and admire the enchanting view of Palaiokastritsa from high above.
  • Wander around the traditional settlements Lakones , Doukades  and Krini .

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