Mountain of Agioi Deka

The Mountain of Agioi Deka is located in the southern part of the island with its top being at 576 meters. Its name comes from the homonymous village  which is built on its slopes. But, in the past it was called Galikio or Galisio mount, according to documents of the 15th century. The view from the mountain of Agioi Deka is enchanting. The entire city  of Corfu, the old fortress, the bay of Garitsa and the airport in the Lagoon of Chalikiopoulos, unfold before your eyes.

The mountain of Agioi Deka is verdant, the vegetation is lush and the whole region is suitable for hiking but, also an endearing place for mountain bike enthusiasts. Beautiful villages are built in its slopes, such as Agioi Deka, Stavros, Komianata and Loukata, with edifices of Venetian architecture.

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