Olive Museum

The old oil mill of Paipetis in the village of Kinopiastes  of Corfu hosts today the Olive Museum of the island. It operated as an oil mill from the end of the 19th century until the 70s, while after 2000 it was turned into a museum.

All the equipment of the old mill is now part of the exhibits of the Olive Museum, as well as the tools that were used for the harvesting of fruits and various other processing means for the production of oil.

The verdant Corfu is full of olive groves whose many trees are perennial. Homer on the 7th Rhapsody of Odyssey speaks of olive trees that were in the garden of the palace of the king of the Faiakes, Alkinoos, and this reference is the oldest «presumption» of the existence of the tree on the island.

Corfiots, especially during older decades were largely occupied with the cultivation of olives, while references mention that more than 1.000 oil mills existed on the island until 1950.

In the Olive Museum, visitors have the opportunity to observe a complete description of the use of olives and oil by man throughout the years.

Entrance to Olive Museum is free.

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