Peroulades is a beautiful village with intense Venetian style in its buildings and its architecture and is characterized as a traditional settlement. A stroll on the main road and the picturesque alleys is adequate in order to admire the mansions with coats of arms and the high paddocks that surround its yards. Among them you will distinguish the ruins of the house belonging to the poet Andreas Kalvos who lived there for a short while.

Peroulades had already flourished since the Middle Ages, while its name possibly comes from the surname Peroulis. It is a common fact in the villages of the Corfiot countryside that villages are named after the families who live there.

Peroulades has no tourism infrastructure development but, it takes pride in its unique beaches. Logga  is the «main» beach in Peroulades. Very tall rocks of clay rise above a thin strip of sand and then the only thing visible is the blue color of the sea. Do not forget to put clay from the rocks on your face and on your body, it is a natural beauty treatment. By moving towards the north, you will find the beach of Drastis, with its natural, «deck-chairs» made of stone which is also less crowded because its access is only through a dirt road.

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