Drastis is not exactly a beach but, a small fiord located on the outskirts of the shore, on the north-western side of the island. Drastis is hidden in a beautiful wooded landscape and in order to get there you must drive – only if you have a jeep – on a rough dirt road 1,5 kilometers long, or else you can walk. It is also accessible by sea using a boat or a vessel.

Several small, scattered islets with smooth surfaces in Drastis give you the opportunity to swim in its deep blue, transparent waters. This «beach» is not suitable for those who like to sunbathe but, only for those who love to swim and to take a dive from cliffs. Note that in Drastis there is no tourism infrastructure. The closest location is Peroulades  where, there is a snack bar on Logga  beach at a distance of about 2 kilometers.

The advantage of Drastis is the beautiful landscape of natural formations and because it is inaccessible, the area is protected from human intervention and remains pure.

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