Petegoletsa is a Corfiot Carnival custom  which takes place on Pancake Day in the Old City, in the region of «Pinia». Various housewives, which are really actors, go to the windows and balconies of the houses and begin to gossip with funny stories about familiar people or groups of the local society, traditional types of old Corfiots, either public figures or plain people.

Petegoletsa is a sort of a road theater, with many elements from the Commedia dell Arte which is performed with the characteristic Corfiot dialect of the city which was very different from the respective dialects of Northern or Southern Corfu, both in accent and in the vocabulary. Petegoletsa is escorted by music, local satirical songs and Ionian serenades, all based on the Corfiot tradition. In this way all the current and past events are mocked and that gives rise to sarcasm and gossip and of course a happy and pleasant climate with lots of laughter.

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