Philharmonic of Gastouri

The Philharmonic of Gastouri is the oldest Philharmonic of the Corfiot countryside which was founded in 1898 and operates continuously until today, offering musical education to children and adults not only in Gastouri  but, also in the surrounding region. The Philharmonic of Gastouri, which is called «Omonoia» (Harmony), is housed in a proprietary edifice, since 1906, which has been renovated recently and is an ornament of the village. It is located on the main road of the village which, leads to the famous Achillion.

The main Musical Band of the Philharmonic of Gastouri has approximately 90 musicians. It has a department of theoretical studies of music where, 40 students attend. It also has an orchestra of light music and a Quintet. With its performances, it represents Corfu worthily, by winning awards and distinctions in many cities of Greece and abroad.

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