Philharmonic Society «Mantzaros»

The Philharmonic Society «Mantzaros», with the characteristic blue and white color of its uniform, counts over 120 years of life. It was founded in 1890 when it firstly performed in the procession  of Agios Spyridonas  on the first Sunday of November. Its first name was «Recreational Association» and according to its articles of association its purpose was «…the conservation of the Musical theater in order to entertain the working class». It obliged that 100 founders were necessary, who had to «… belong to the working class of the island of Corfu».

The Philharmonic Society «Mantzaros» continues to offer until today free musical education to the youngsters of Corfu while maintaining classes of wooden, copper, percussion instruments and theory where, 180 students attend free of charge each year, a class for children of preschool age, the Musical band of the Philharmonic, which is comprised of 180 musicians, a bandina (students’ band) with 60 musicians, an Orchestra of Light Music and Chamber music ensembles of Brass – Wooden Wind instruments.

The grand distinction of the Philharmonic Society «Mantzaros» was in 1987, when it was honored with the award of the Academy of Athens, for its contribution to the musical education of the country. The building where, the Philharmonic is housed is situated in the Old City, on the street Philarmonikis 23.

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