Philharmonic Union of Corfu «Kapodistrias»

The Philharmonic Union of Corfu «Kapodistrias» was founded in 1980 and is one of the main and largest cultural unions of Corfu where, music is taught to young and old, free of charge. Its first appearance was during the official events of the New Year, with 45 musicians. Its colors are black and vivid red.

The Philharmonic Union of Corfu «Kapodistrias» participates in all the events of the National and Local Festivities, parades, processions, praises and performs many concerts each year with works of classical music, excerpts from operas and operettas. Apart from its band, also participate, a small bandina (a young band in which children from 10-20 years old participate), a light and varied music orchestra, a band demonstration (which combines impressive formations and performs musical works simultaneously) and a brass ensemble.

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