Prasoudi is located in the south-western side of Corfu, near the beautiful and large village of Agios Matheos. It is about 4 kilometers away from it. The naming Prasoudi comes from the plant «prasoulida » (chive) which grows on the cliffs a few meters above the shore.

Prasoudi is a small, sandy beach with few pebbles and scattered rocks into the sea. There you will find few deck-chairs and parasols for hire but, it would be better to have with you all the essentials in order to enjoy, in relative comfort your swim as there are no other infrastructures. In this beach, exposure to the wind is great which makes it unsuitable for families with small children. Use your mask in order to explore the rocks under water and then enjoy the sun and the tranquility that Prasoudi offers, as it is one of the calmest beaches in the area. On the beach, there is a fish tavern which is famous for its fresh sea food, especially for its lobsters.

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