Solomos Museum

The national poet of Greece, Dionysios Solomos descended from Zakynthos but, he spent a great part of his life in Corfu. The Solomos Museum, which is dedicated to his life and work, is housed in the residence where, the poet stayed, in Mouragia, in the Old City.

Renovated and fully restored, as it was severely damaged during the bombardments of Corfu, in the period of World War II, the house apart from the Solomos Museum, also houses the Society of Corfiot Studies.

The office where, Dionysios Solomos achieved great things but, also his manuscripts, are some of the greatest relics in the Solomos Museum, along with the rich «Solomos library», with older versions of the «Hymn to Freedom», the national anthem of Greece, the lyrics of which were written by the poet.

In the entrance of Solomos Museum a painting informs the visitors of the genealogical tree of the poet, while pictures from his childhood and younger years, a painting with a timeline of his life, his bust made by the sculptor Ahilleas Apergis and a photographed portrait of the poet are some among the remaining exhibits that adorn the collection.

Arseniou 1 Mouragia

P.C. 49100 Κέρκυρα

Tel. 26610 30674

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