Stavros is a small, traditional, mountainous village built in a verdant environment with a wonderful view of the city, the sea and the shores of Epirus. It is located above Benitses, the most famous resort in Corfu. Stavros is an ideal destination for those who love nature as there are many trails on the mountain. A lovely route is the one leading to the Monastery of Agia Triada, above the village and a second route is towards Benitses where, you will see a beautiful waterfall  hidden away in dense vegetation.

It is said that Stavros was named after the cross which was placed at the top of the mountain when a pirate ship would appear in the sea. In this way, the inhabitants protected themselves.

Stavros is known for its festival which occurs on August 15th when local dancing bands participate wearing traditional costumes. Near Stavros are situated two small traditional settlements, Komianata  and Loukata where, there are buildings with Byzantine architecture and are worth visiting.

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